A week of… setting goals

I was completely looking forward to this week.  I hadnt updated my goals for a while, and had a whole week challenge dedicating to thinking, writing and actioning them. Ive had a few things in my life change recently ie like having a baby, changing jobs, starting businesses, selling businesses etc and I decided toContinue reading “A week of… setting goals”

A week of…. listening to music I’ve never heard before

I knew this was going to be an eye opening experience so I started the week of hard core with some Motley Crew and their song, Girls Girls Girls… OMG at times I could barely understand what he was saying.  I also downloaded Ushers new album… and loved it! Then there was some random tunesContinue reading “A week of…. listening to music I’ve never heard before”

A week…. of random acts of kindness

I knew this was going to be a nice week of challenges, however I was surprised with my findings… It is called ‘Random’ acts of kindness for a reason. They are spontaneous, uncalculated and at times you werent even aware you just helped someone out. This is how they should remain.  Going out everyday planningContinue reading “A week…. of random acts of kindness”