When your heart breaks… every fourteen days

This morning I heard the sound I dread every fortnight – the sound of suitcase wheels turning over and over on the hallway tiles, making its way to my front door, ready to break my heart all over again.  It’s fly-out day here today – the day that comes only once every two weeks, but theContinue reading “When your heart breaks… every fourteen days”

What are you known for?

I was reading a book recently microDOMINATION by Trevor Young and it got me thinking: What am I known for? I decided to put it out there on Facebook to find out what I was known for, and some of the comments were: “Never sitting still” – Tracey Mathers “Being indefinable” – Liz Gibbins “Driven,Continue reading “What are you known for?”

Working out what you want to do with your life

With this year’s bunch of seniors finishing school this week, and a conversation I have had with someone at a recent event, I decided to write a bit about how I think you can work out what you want to do with your life. I understand that there are many people out there who areContinue reading “Working out what you want to do with your life”

You need a problem you want to solve – STEVE JOBS

I just finished watching the movie ‘Jobs’. The one that sort of came and went quietly from the cinemas… Some reviews were positive, most negative. To me, the movie was great. It was as if they wrote the script straight from the book, there wasn’t really anything new to learn about Jobs, however it stillContinue reading “You need a problem you want to solve – STEVE JOBS”

Why fixing it now is easier than later…

I’m currently staying at my husband’s parents house, as the rental property we have been living in has been declared non-livable due to a hole in the bathroom ceiling and a leaking roof.  This is just the latest of many problems we have had in this home and it is definitely the last for ourContinue reading “Why fixing it now is easier than later…”

The moment when you are all on your own, and you have to make a decision…

I started RCG Creative a while ago, but put the agency into action properly in June last year and boy has it been a ride.  I went from full time work, to part time work, and the agency grew and grew where I am now full time on RCG and about to hire staff. ThereContinue reading “The moment when you are all on your own, and you have to make a decision…”