Book Review – Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

My leadership team and I have started a book club based around the book – Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. This book was easy to read once you get past the first few pages and get yourself past the defensive road blocks you put in place of yourself when reading the things she isContinue reading “Book Review – Dare to Lead by Brene Brown”

Lucy, the 1964 Millard Caravan comes to life.

DECEMBER 2018 After having an idea in my mind for a number of years, I found a vintage caravan with potential on Facebook Marketplace. I head over to have a look and decide to dive in and buy her. A 1964 Millard Caravan – an unfinished project of someone else. Exactly what my husband thoughtContinue reading “Lucy, the 1964 Millard Caravan comes to life.”