About Me

bec1I am the owner of RCG Creative – an agency focussed on SME’s and all of their marketing needs.

I also own I AM Montessori and Brisbane Weekly – an online publication celebrating the city I absolutely love!

I spend my life doing the things I love to do, and spending my time with the ones I love.  I believe life is made up of a series of choices, choices only you can make. You are where you are based on your choices and my choice is to be happy.

So that’s what I’m doing, making happiness simple!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Two quick questions…..
    I saw you were looking for artists at the Morningside Festival. My partner managers Gregory Moore (gregorymoore.com.au) and wanted to have a chat with you about his inclusion. Can you flick me over your email/phone number and I will pass it on.
    Also, I produce a little magazine to students in Brisbane called Unisexmag. Any chance of running one of your blog entries as a story? Or maybe something new.
    Let me know your thoughts when you are free.

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