Eyes Wide Open

Who am I? Really.

I have been fascinated over the last two years to discover how many people don’t really know who they are – how when asked the question – who are you? Struggle to answer it with clarity.

Many of us go through the motions of our days – same as the last – being a human – but not really asking ourselves the tough questions – avoiding the mirror – in case we accidentally took a look – and realised we might not like what we see – or worse still – find the face in front of us unrecognisable.

That’s the thing – in a world that doesn’t stop – with a ruler such as time – we forget about the fact that we are a singular piece of a huge puzzle – a single character in a story playing out on stage. We become the consumer – a member of the audience – forgetting that we started off the writer.

Who are you? What makes you – you? Why do you matter? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Why do you do what you do?

Many nights over the past few years I have been in bed – eyes wide open – as I think about the person I am becoming – the things that have made me, me. Asking questions and putting the puzzle together, being more aware of the things around me and how I fit into it.

I realised how much my childhood effected my life – how much of that story I would keep playing out over and over in my mind. Realising that the more you think about it – the easier it is to forget the original script. This mind of ours – it’s big and complex and adaptable. If you continue to tell yourself something – true or not – the more you begin to believe it. The more you change the narrative. The coolest part of this though is that we have the control to rewrite it – better than it was before. With self awareness – you can accept and know for sure – who you are – and make positive decisions on how to deal with the ending – of the scene, chapter or life.

Burying your head in the sand, never turning the page – never opening your eyes to truly see – is denying yourself a beautiful life. An honest and authentic one. One that you hold the pen.

Live your life with your eyes wide open. And you’ll fall in love with what you see.

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