My people are all people.

Yesterday some asshole, a terrorist, decided to kill other humans, because he thought he had to protect ‘his people’. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? His people. I am not your fucking people. You are not human. You are a monster.

What you have done, ASSHOLE, and with the power of the internet, you have exposed the amount of racism that still exists in our society. You have exposed other racist bigots and they have nowhere to hide.

What you have showcased to the world is how much HATE and RACISM still exists in our own neigbourhoods. You have highlighted the fact that many amazing humans still have to wake up and survive the day surrounded by people looking down at them, thinking less of them, and sometimes verbally or physically abused, just because of what they look like.

Many of my friends are effected by the mass murder that occurred in New Zealand. And for many of my friends, this is nothing new. There are mass murders around the world, ALL THE TIME. But because it wasn’t ‘us’, we turn our backs to it. It’s hard to relate if you see yourself as different. If you turn your back on the mass killings in Israel because you don’t look like them. Because they don’t speak your language. Because you cannot see what you have in common with them. You cannot see or believe that they are just like you. When horrific scenes happen like they did in Christchurch, it hits home. It hurts your heart. IMAGINE LIVING WITH THAT FEELING EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I am unbelievably uneducated when it comes to Immigration Policy. I do not have any understanding of the complexities behind who should be let into a country and who shouldn’t be allowed. What I do choose to see is the human face. The heart. Yes this may make me naive, maybe our country as we know it is going to change and for many reasons all I can say is THANK FUCK.

Thank fuck we have children running out of school to protest against climate change and the environment WE HAVE ALL FUCKED. Thank fuck we have RELIGION in the spotlight and that people who used to hold all the power are being questioned. Thank fuck more and more women are entering into positions of power. Yes. I am angry. Soo very angry at what the world looks like right now in the headlines but I know how much goodness there is out there around the globe.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is the type of leader our world needs. Her words, her composure, her ability to relate, her skill to truly lead has never been more evident than yesterday.

We have a Senator here in our own country who has put out a statement of hatred and I CANNOT BELIEVE he was elected by other living, breathing Australians. Our political representation MUST change. Hatred has no place ANYWHERE in the world.

We need leadership, true leadership, more than we have EVER needed it. Our two options at the moment are not what we need. We deserve something greater, someone who can truly lead and unite our country, and work with other leaders (without ego) to unite our world. To continue working towards calm. I hope that we get this soon. In my lifetime so that my children can grow up in a fair world where the fact that they are white and male means absolutely nothing. I want them to grow up in a world that being kind, hard working, open minded, and accepting of everyone are skills that are valued in every human. I want them to have trees around them, breathe fresh air, know how to grow their own food and to give more than they take. I want them to be intelligent, emotionally, because this matters more than ANY academic result they could ever achieve. This is what our future needs. This is what our leaders need.

I want a world where you are not defined by how you look. The brands you wear. The size of your house. The amount you earn. I want a world where you are defined by your kindness, by your ability to give more than you take. I want a world where everyone could do a job that they loved. To go to school and become WHO THEY ARE MEANT TO BE, not like everyone else.

I can do more. I really, truly can. I could use less plastic. I could ensure I eat all of the food we buy each week. I could wear my clothes longer and I could reduce my impact on this earth. AND I am at least trying to be better.

I created and chose to focus on early childhood and to make an impact in raising true global citizens. Children who understood the environment, who learn to know what they love and to have the confidence to follow those dreams. To create a place where everyone was equal. Where smiles were evident, and sadness was comforted. Where each and every human that had anything to do with anything we did, could feel at home. Could feel accepted. Could feel loved. Could be themselves.

I am lucky. I have freedom here in this country. And I have an amazing life. But I could do better. Be better. So this is what I must try to do.

Because of you, I AM.




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