Looking back on life x

Do you know what I think about when I look back on my life?

I think about all the people I was lucky to have next to me in school photos. I think back of how many times we moved and how many schools I went to and how I thank Facebook for those reconnections. I realised that because we were always moving, I never really got to completely connect with anyone – just surface level stuff. I don’t remember all the detail but I remember snippets of life with most of these people and its cool to think about how many times we have come in and out of each other’s lives over the years.

It’s cool to have some of my primary school friends sending their own children to a centre I own. It’s cool to be moving back into the area after 16 years out of it.

I think about how much sport has kept my life together. How it has grounded me at every possible moment. It’s also what connected me to my husband and now I get to see my children fall in love with it all.

I think about the fucked stuff that’s happened and how those few moments dominated soo many lives for soo many years but how now as an adult it brings me closer to my family, my sisters and my mum. It shows me how strong our little unit is and how strong we had to be.

I realise that I’m pretty good at making the best out of any situation and that what I think I’m good at, I am and that since I was little I’ve always dreamed big. Soo many poems and letters and diaries with shit I still think of today. I really was lucky to go on that journey young, to discover what made me me and what I love about life.

I’ve had a pretty good life and as I get older I am more and more grateful for every single person I have met, and that each moment I really have tried to live it completely.

I know what I’ve always wanted, I know what type of life I dreamed of and I’m pretty much living it every day of my life x

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