The importance of the village…

I am a mother of two boys – a five year old and 16 week old. I am an entrepreneur with a growing business and because of my village, I am able to achieve great things as a mother and an entrepreneur.
Because of my village – I have the chance to sleep occasionally – unbroken by my babies – so I can think straight and make great decisions.
Because of my village – I can go to meetings and run workshops that help us change the world for all children – not just my own.
Because of my village – my heart and soul are full and I can create and be inspired and love with all of my heart.
Because of my village – I am a better mother, a better wife and better friend.
Because of my village – I am me.
In a world of ridiculousness and horribleness – we have never needed a village more than we do now. The people we surround ourselves with and spend our time with have never mattered more. We must ask for help when we need it, we must listen when we are asked, we must lean on each other and lift each other up so that we can all change the world.
We need more villages and stronger communities. We need more humanity and compassion and hope and love.
My village makes me who I am today and I am truly grateful to the amazing people in it.
I am the lucky wife to an amazing man who cooks and cleans and reads books to his children and who loves me unconditionally and makes me question things and challenges me to see things differently.
I am the lucky mother to two children I was able to grow and raise myself. This I am forever grateful and know how privileged I am to have this gift.
I am grateful that I have a relationship with my mother that grows better and better as we get older.
I am lucky to have three amazing sisters who in their own right, give soo much to me in different ways.
I am lucky to have a step family who bring joy and love into our world.
I am privileged to be accepted into another family and to have a mother in law who is so wonderful and supportive and a father in law who helps me want to become a better person.
I have amazing neighbours where our children climb the fence to play together – like I did in my childhood.
I have incredible staff whose faces make my day when I see them and who individually and collectively are changing the world for our children.
I have beautiful friends who I don’t see often enough but who share their love with me openly and who I can talk to about anything and be accepted for being me.
My village is amazing and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done and continue to do for me x

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