You have one life x

You have one life. However long it may be. It is not to be wasted. It is to be felt. Every emotion to its core. Life is about feeling each one in its entirety. The heart wrenching sense of loss, despair from a broken heart, the butterfly inducing sickness from falling in love, the anger and disappointment. The fear and the strength. You must feel it within you, with all that you have.

It is easy to take time for granted. It’s easy to just do the same thing Day in and day out. But for me – this is not what life is meant to be.

Life is meant to be felt. To be imagined and created. We are each meant to CREATE the life we want. To imagine and dream and then put our hands and minds to work to make it happen.

Happiness is in the littlest details and moments. For me it’s in the smell of buttery popcorn, or the taste of iced tea from the farmers markets whilst I watch people buy food from other locals and hear them engage in conversation that creates a buzz you can’t get anywhere else. Happiness is in the midnight feeds of a baby that’s mine – who looks at me as if I’m his whole world and smiles – even when I dragged him across the other side of the world.

Happiness is in the FaceTime calls with my family – blood and from marriage. It’s the talking and silence from the people who know me for me and choose to love me anyway. It’s in dreaming a dream and creating something with amazingly talented human beings I am lucky enough to have in my teams. Happiness is in moments where my five year old son teaches me something I had no patience for but without words – shows me how important that moment is to him – and doing it with him side by side. Happiness to me is having the privilege to argue with my husband and laugh with him all within a matter of minutes. It’s to wake up fucking tired but loved. It’s to realise whilst on the other side of the world – I dreamt this life up when I was 21 – almost exactly – and it’s bloody beautiful. The shit parts, the great parts – it’s all magnificent.

The shiny happy people version of life on Facebook is not life. Life is the shit you can touch and feel. Use your hands and create it. Because what your life is – is because of a choice you made.

Choose to create. Choose to live. Choose happiness and joy in all its forms.

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