Dear Owen x

Dear Owen,

Today we became a family of four.

We finally made it here and it feels more amazing than I could have possibly imagined.

After years of trying and after losing one, holding you has brought us to the end of one journey and on to the next.

Fertility is strange. It’s unfair and beautiful and cruel all at the same time. It’s unpredictable and comes with no guarantees.

You join our family after soo many years of imagining you. Of picturing what your face might look like, what your name might be and how you would fit in my arms, but also your brothers. How you would sit on your daddy’s hip and how your first steps would sound on the wooden floors of our home.

I’ve experienced every emotion available to us humans in the process of you entering our world. But there is no emotion stronger than the love I have for our little unit, for the life we have in front of us, the experiences we are about to have together.

You are one lucky kid. You have one of the most dedicated daddy’s in the world. He will love you more than Liverpool, he will do whatever it takes to protect you and to help you become an amazing guy yourself. He loves your brother ridiculously and his heart has already grown ready to love you just as much.
Just know that you’ll end up wearing a lot of red in your lifetime, and you’ll soon learn You’ll Never Walk Alone… Your daddy is an amazing example of how to be a great man and he will raise you to be one also. This is what our world needs my little one.

Your big brother has waited soo long for you to get here and he will probably try and get you to mark an afl ball before you can even sit up yourself. Go with it… he is a cool kid who has empathy and passion and loves something with all of his being. He is brave and strong and amazing and I cannot wait to see how you look up to him as you get older. It’s a relationship for life x you would kick when he spoke to you in my belly and he would hold his hand over you just to try and get a feel of what you were going to be like. He loved you before we had you x

The rest of your family couldn’t wait to meet you either and you will build some amazing connections with each and every one of them. We are soo lucky to have amazing people in our family x

Mummy has some amazing people in her life that are going to love you like you are family and this is going to be something you treasure. You may not be able to understand one of them with her Irish accent, but I know you’ll know her once she holds you because she has been around you before you were even an idea.
I am soo glad you have made it into my arms and I promise you that this big big world is amazing and anything you want to do in it, you can and I’ll be wherever you decide you want me to be. This is your journey and I’m here to walk beside you.

Let’s do this kid x

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