Why fixing it now is easier than later…

I’m currently staying at my husband’s parents house, as the rental property we have been living in has been declared non-livable due to a hole in the bathroom ceiling and a leaking roof.  This is just the latest of many problems we have had in this home and it is definitely the last for our little family.

Through these housing problems the one thing I really learnt and was hit home by numerous contractors who have visited is that it is easier to fix something as soon as it comes up rather than wait til its completely broken and you have no choice but to correct it.

The roofer who came out to check the problem had quoted over twelve months to correct the problem, however the owners chose not to do anything about it. Now they have no choice but to fix it as the outside is coming in, and not in a good way.

What I took from it was that you could take the easy way out when an issue pops up and just avoid finding a solution for as long as possible until you have NO choice but to find one, OR you could nail it on the head as soon as it comes to your attention and avoid having to fill a bigger  hole later.

I found when thinking about this (which by the way I have heard this lesson a million times, but never really followed it myself) it applies to more than just my house situation.

It is easier to lose weight when you first realise you have started putting some on, it is easier to correct a child’s behaviour when you first notice it, it is easier to pay off debt when it is small before it spirals out of control with interest payments.

It is easier to fix a friendship straight after a fight than years later, it is easier to clean your house if you do it regularly rather than monthly.  It is even easier to clean the dishes before you eat than it is to do them tomorrow (the food comes off easier before it goes hard).

Still I find myself pushing things on until tomorrow, or later, and just not getting around to it until its too late, when it can no longer be something to do tomorrow but HAS to be fixed right now.

Well since learning this I realise it is easier to do things differently.  If I work in a different quadrant and stop dealing with crises when they appear and start working/living proactively, life will be a hell of a lot calmer, easier and way more enjoyable.

So here’s to getting the car serviced when its due, not once it’s broken down…

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