A week… without swearing!

Sh*$ this was a hard week… I didnt realise how much I swore.  Im not a heavy swearer, but I use the S word more than I need to, because there is actually NO need for bad language, EVER!

But you know what, sometimes there is no other word to replace them when you need it most, like when you hurt yourself playing sport and you are rolling around on the floor screaming, you arent going to be saying “Whoopsie daisy, oh my silly leg, oh the pain is really hurting”.  Or when you are in labor and having a contraction.  Im sorry but no amount of nice words were going to be said in this lovely experience.

I do believe there is a time and a place, and I think Im pretty good usually.  What this challenge has taught me is that I am more aware of when I am speaking, and thinking about what I am about to say… BORING CHALLENGE Oh and I swore so I FAILED 😀

One thought on “A week… without swearing!

  1. Harder than u think… I was a big swearer and when Owen popped the f bomb out at 18 months I soon changed my habits 🙂

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