A week of…cleaning!

Yes, I put myself in a mindset of being crazy cleanfreak who couldnt sleep with any mess around. (For those who know me, this is a nonexistent problem for me).

I always joke about Paul and his OCD with cleaning so I decided to see how it felt to have a clean house for a week.

Verdict:  Its actually really relaxing, but HARD WORK!  It is not easy to keep a house completely clean, especially with a baby and full time work.

What I took out of this week: It would be awesome to have a cleaner, but there are a few tips that Ive found make a BIG difference, and most of these lessons I learnt from Paul or through Time Management articles Ive read through the week.

1/. Cleaning as you go in the kitchen, makes the meal more enjoyable.  Cleaning dishes and pots etc means that once the meal is ready, you can sit down enjoy the meal and breathe because there is no ‘work’ that needs to be done after. However, its not the end of the world to have dirty dishes in the sink if you are too busy/tired or any other reason.

2/.  Doing a quick ‘whip around’ before bed to pick stuff up etc is AWESOME.  Probably my most fav lesson of the week was doing a quick tidy etc makes a massive difference in the appearance of the house, organisation in the morning, and just eliminating the thought from your mind when you go to sleep makes sleeping all the more relaxing.  Yes, The Project inspired my naming of this task.

3/. I still have more decluttering to do.  I definitely do not need all the things I have.  Less stuff means less mess means less stress means MORE smiles!

Interesting but tiring week (plus I have muscly arms from pushing the vaccuum way more than I ever have).


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