A week without… Bread

Ever noticed how after you eat bread you might feel a bit puffy?  Well, after a week without it I was less puffer fish and more goldfish (? I had nothing else).

Its amazing what carbs does to us, it bloats up our belly and fills us up all at the same time.

This was actually a really boring week challenge. I found it difficult as when hungry I couldn’t pull for the default sandwich option. I had to get creative in the way I snacked, and also had to make time to eat a proper breakfast rather than relying on toast.

Verdict: I never ate white bread, always try to have grains.  I think it tastes heaps better.  I wont live without bread, especially a fresh crunchy bread roll from the bakery (butter optional).  Its one of those simple pleasures I wont be getting rid of, no matter how go I look as a goldfish.

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