A week of… setting goals

I was completely looking forward to this week.  I hadnt updated my goals for a while, and had a whole week challenge dedicating to thinking, writing and actioning them.

Ive had a few things in my life change recently ie like having a baby, changing jobs, starting businesses, selling businesses etc and I decided to sit down and listen to a Tony Robbins CD I had been given by a friend.

There was a great goal setting exercise in the series which I sat in my car on the side of the road and completed it (the poor people in the house I was in front of for half an hour must have thought I was crazy).

The exercise focused on three different categories. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, THING (MATERIALISTIC) and FINANCIAL GOALS.

I had to do a brain dump seperately for each one, then give them a year timeline (1,3,5,10,20 years) followed by choosing the top 3 from the next 1-3 years that motivated me the most.

Want to know what my goals are? Without going into too much detail they are:


  • Own my own business
  • Be a size 10
  • Go overseas every year


  • Great wardrobe
  • A Personal Assistant
  • Build a home with a soccer field in the back yard


  • Earning $10K a month
  • Give $100K to charity
  • Own five investment properties

This exercise forced me to do a lot of thinking in a short amount of time, and with no limitations or self inflicted boundaries.  It was inspiring.

Since last Thursday I have been ridiculously motivated, driven and focussed that I really think all of these goals will be achievable in the next three years.

What I learnt: we waste time thinking about the things we want, we never get around to the actual DOING something part.  Having direction is more important than ever in today’s world, nothing is out of reach.

Have you set your goals and if so what are they?

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