A week of no sugar…

This week was going to be easy, Im addicted to salt, not sugar… but boy was I wrong.  Day 2 and I would have jumped somebody for a chocolate, or a lolly or anything with that sweet sweet sugary goodness…

DAY 4 and I was totally over the hump period.  I wasnt craving anything sweet really any more, and I had learnt how much “FOOD” has sugar added to it.  I learnt how to read food labels better than before this challenge had started, and now am at least aware of the amount of sugar I am eating on a daily basis.

I got to DAY 6 and my sister had come over ready for a road trip armed with drinks and food… and before I had realised it, I had a sip of the drink and the sugar challenge was OVER!  I wasnt too depressed about it (ask her and she will say otherwise).

Now two weeks later I am aware of what sugars I eat, what has sugar in it and make conscious decisions based on these facts now rather than just diving in….

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