A week of… catching up with friends

Yes, I am a few weeks behind on my blogs BUT I am still doing my challenges. A few weeks ago I had the challenge of having to catch up with friends everyday.  I was looking forward to it, aswell as thinking it would be exhausting.

How was it?  It was awesome. On the Monday I caught up with a friend in Perth over the phone.  Like a proper chat with no interruptions and it was AWESOME. The lesson I learnt here is that long distance is no excuse and requires a certain amount of effort to maintain the friendship, and its totally worth it. I love it and think I might just have to schedule in regular ‘Annie time’ ;D

I then caught up with someone every day of the week, some days I had the luxury of seeing two friends. It was soo much fun.  I was worried I would get over speaking about the same stuff and life updates with everyone but I soon realised that I have different convos with different friends.  The conversations are lead by how we met and what things we have in common. Whether it be about the kids, or sport, or business or stuff, it is never really an across the board subject based conversation.

I guess thats why with strangers we lead conversations with things such as the weather and how fast time flies because these subjects are what we have in common with strangers, that is until we learn the things and interests we may have in common.


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