A week…. of random acts of kindness

I knew this was going to be a nice week of challenges, however I was surprised with my findings…

It is called ‘Random’ acts of kindness for a reason. They are spontaneous, uncalculated and at times you werent even aware you just helped someone out.

This is how they should remain.  Going out everyday planning to do a random act was still rewarding, but not as much as the spontaneous acts that happen all around you whilst you are unaware.  They are the ones that make you randomly smile because someone did something for you out of the blue!

I think if we live life planning to be nice to everyone around us, then thats the best way to live.  Don’t go seeking the random acts of kindness, just let it become part of your character, part of the person you are, day in, day out, and you’ll always have a smile on your face x

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