A week of…. listening to music I’ve never heard before

I knew this was going to be an eye opening experience so I started the week of hard core with some Motley Crew and their song, Girls Girls Girls… OMG at times I could barely understand what he was saying.  I also downloaded Ushers new album… and loved it!

Then there was some random tunes from the alternative playlists on iTunes, some from the blues and jazz genres… Discovery of the week for me was Clare Bowditch (AMAZING) and yes I am aware she has been around forever and I am uncool and only listen to mainstream stations like Nova.

I then spent a day listening only to classical music… On this day, I nearly crashed twice, was unbelievably bored and had to fight myself from flicking stations.  I really tried to appreciate this but couldnt… I HATED it more than anything else Ive listened to… yes even more than Rebecca Blacks Its Friday!

Findings:  I listen to all types of music already and wasnt really aware of this.  I love songs with great lyrics, no matter how they are sung.  I will always be a slow r’n’b junkie at heart, but dependant on the mood, Ill listen to anything with a good message.

I will however appreciate the music more around me and try to listen to things other than mainstream on occasion.


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