A week…. as a Vegetarian

Into my second week of challenges… and this time round Im a vegetarian.  I very rarely have vegetarian meals.  Salad would be the closest and most of the time I add tuna!  I had wanted to do this challenge for a while as I could imagine what my body would feel like if it was given a break from processing all the meat I was eating.

It was hard the first day as I realised how much I relied on meat to fill my plate at most meals.  On sandwiches, in salads, at dinner!  I was amazed how much I actually consumed!

I made soups, alot of soup actually and it was amazing!  It was so quick to whip together a fresh vegie or pumpkin soup and eat with a bit of toast.  Perfect for this time of year.

Id start the day with avocado on toast and oats, I was eating soup and salad throughout the day, and for dinner I had soup, steamed vegies or on one night I made a vegetarian Gnocchi.

I had never prepared so much fresh food, or cut up so many vegies in my life, but after a week of doing it, i havent stopped.

It takes no time at all, and you feel incredible.  I am back eating meats, but all lean and not at every meal, as I really am enjoying vegie soup!

My digestive system is working at least twice as good as before, my eyes are brighter, I have more energy, I have lost weight and my grocery bill is a whole lot cheaper.  I even went to Rocklea markets just to buy my fruit and vegies as one it is SOO much cheaper than at Coles or Woolies, it is fresher and the atmosphere of going to the markets makes me happy.

I dont believe I could ever be a full time vegetarian as I really do love steak, and roast lamb, but I have learned how much preparing your food from scratch can do not just for your wellbeing, but for your back pocket as well.

I reccomend people have a go at this challenge because by Day 2 you notice the difference in how you feel, how you are thinking about food, and what you actually put into your mouth.

It has not just changed how many vegies I eat, but has me thinking about what I am putting into my body.  I wont ever give up junk food altogether, but I can tell you this much, the few days since this challenge has been over, I have barely wanted any of those foods anyway.  I am now actually craving vegies and salad.

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