A week….

So as you all know I like challenging myself, and keeping life interesting.  I gave up alcohol for a year for the fun of it, Ive now challenged myself to give up hot chips (my fav food) for a year.  One week down, 51 to go.

But I have another few challenges happening at the same time.  One as I may have mentioned is to find out the secret to looking well groomed and put together all day everyday, and then finding a simple solution for all those working mums, new mums, and people who just like life being busy rather than spending hours in front of the mirror.  I will bring all my findings to you all over the next few weeks, including some video 🙂

The latest challenge, I am calling it ‘A week’…. for an entire year, starting Monday I will be starting every week doing something, being something, eating something for a whole week and reporting on the experience.  So things like, a week as a vegetarian, a week spending no money, a week running 100km, a week in high heels etc etc… different little challenges to experience life in many different ways, it may just open my eyes to a lot of different views and experiences.

If you have an idea of what I should do for a week, let me know 🙂

One thought on “A week….

  1. You did a week as a vegetarian, you could try a week grain free, legume free, starch free. It’s the way I eat 99% of the time. I eat no bread, rice, pasta, beans, legumes, potatoes, milk. A week may not be a good sample size of the way I eat because instead if using the aforementioned ‘foods’ as a source of energy I use clean / organic sources of saturated fats ie, animal, olive, coconut, dairy, macadamia. This results in much more settled blod sugars & much less inflammation. It takes time for your body to use up all carbohydrates & to start using the mentioned fats as a steady source of energy – and the length of time can vary from 4 days to 30 days depending from person to person.
    Much more info can be found at my favorite website – Marksdailyapple.com
    A possible variation could be to go organic for a week of any food you choose.

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