Dear Baby G – a letter to my soon to be son

Dear Baby G,


You haven’t met me yet, but I thought I would write to you and introduce myself.


My name is Rebecca, and Im married to a guy called Paul. We love each other super amounts, and we will soon get to be your parents.


We are very excited to see you, and look after you, and help you grow up as part of our little family.  I can’t explain the excitement we have of being a family.


You will be the third little boy on my side of the family, but the first for your daddy’s.  Everyone is anxiously waiting your arrival, and cannot wait to know your name.


You don’t have any brothers and sisters, you will be the first for us, which your Aunty Rachel tells me is a good thing. Your dad was the first born in his family, so it must be pretty good.


You have lots of aunties and uncles.  Even though Aunty Rach has two boys (your cousins) it will be her first time as an Aunty and she is MEGA excited. She keeps buying you things.  So does your Aunty Ema, who plans to teach you lots about music etc.  She will probably try to make you cool.


Uncle Sean and Aunty Kate are probably the most sensible out of all your aunties and uncles, so when you start learning how to say Why?, make sure you ask them a lot.


Aunty Karly and Aunty Sharnie are way cooler than your mum.  So if you need some advice on how to be cool and chilled, ask them.


Now you have Granda and Nanna G who are awesome.  You are going to love Nanna G’s cooking when you get to taste it (everything she makes is amazing).  Granda and your dad will probably steal you for all the Liverpool games which is okay by me because it means I might get some sleep.


You also have my mum, Nan who is creative and fun and bubbly.  You’ll get your face painted lots of times growing up, and you’ll never want to take it off because it will be THAT good!  You also have GG, who has the gift to calm children down (your cousins love her, and you will too).


You are going to meet someone called Eric, who will become a really good friend of yours, maybe even your best friend.  His mum Aleara is my friend, and you will get to hang out with Eric sometimes.  He will be a bit older than you so he can probably teach you a thing or two.


I know, it seems like a lot of people you have to meet straight away, but you don’t have to remember their names all at once.  Just whenever you feel like it.


We have lots of people who will know your name and want to hold you and play games.  I work lots but I love it and you get to come with me.  We are both really lucky we get to hang out in Mummys office.  You’ll be a ladies man because you get to smile and win over the hearts of all the girls at the Sistaco HQ office. Especially Tiernan and Chantelle.  Chantelle and her mum Yo have already bought you clothes and a blanket for the office.  It will be so comfy for you.


So where I work, I do lots of stuff with jewellery and accessories… It is soo much fun.  Daddy works with all the powerlines helping everyone get electricity.  He is really good at what he does.  He has been working really hard lately so he can have some time to spend with you when you get here. He cannot wait.


Your room is cool, you have a Liverpool scarf already and some clothes (you already know the theme song because Daddy has been playing it to you), you have a cute mobile and lots of elephants.  Its not too blue or any colour really cos we don’t know what you like yet.  We will soon Im sure.


What else?  The Bowls club is near our house and we might go there for dinner sometimes because we might be too tired to cook, but I have to warn you, some of the most awesome people in the world hang out there.  They make me really happy talking to them.


I guess that’s pretty much all for now.  The house is clean and the yard is tidy (Daddy did it all) so everything is nice and ready for when you get home.


I know it has been a long wait, but Im sure it will all be worth it,


Love you and see you soon,


Mummy xo




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