Preparation in becoming a mum

Its been a while since I have posted, and its because Ive been busy preparing myself.

Preparing for the life changing role of becoming someone’s mother.

I know that no amount of moving things and sorting things will prepare me for whats ahead, but it makes me feel calmer about the whole situation.

You see, time management and being organized are two things I figured would help me in this new journey, as well as obviously the very excited husband.

We have just completed the six week course at the Mater Hospital and graduated as informed parents to be. When I asked about what to do if I am going to go straight back to work, I was received with silence, and told 12 weeks is the minimum you need off. That shut me down. I figured – I am obviously going to have to work this out on my own.

Yes, I am going straight back to work after bubba’s arrival, but I know I can make it work. One, I have an amazing person next to me who is super excited about becoming a dad. Two, I have an amazing workplace where they are supportive of the birth, and the plan to return straight away. Three, our family and friends are just as keen as we are to meet the little person who is about to change our worlds.

I know I need to become good at expressing breastmilk, I am trying out the routine sleep scenarios Tizzie Hall has taught us about, we have cleaned and decluttered the house, I have watched a million DVD’s, hired a helper to assist with crossing things off my own to do list so I can focus on works list. Im slowly getting confident that my worlds four walls will stay up rather than come crashing down once bubba arrives.

Give me two weeks Baby G and Ill be super ready for whenever you are.

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