The day that drags on – how do you cope?

Time. There is always sixty seconds in a minute, however how often does it feel like there is 700 seconds in a minute, or even 10? The value of time is always inconsistent. One day it feels like the longest day in the world, and then there are days when you wonder where it went?

It’s such a strange experience we all face on a regular basis. This last month feels like the slowest month of my life, however the last three months feels like it has flown. See what I mean about inconsistent? Anyway today feels like the longest day in history, it also feels like the most inefficient. I have done what feels like nothing.

It got me thinking – what do people do when they experience days like this? How do they get themselves through the longest day of their life? I realised I actually have pretty much a lack of websites I visit to help with the coping. I log onto Facebook, check my email, my bank to check it’s the same amount as yesterday, visit ninemsn, maybe brisbanetimes, and a fav . Then I realise I have nothing else to check. The other day I even googled, ‘sites you can read over your lunch break’, hoping I’d find something I could read. Nothing interesting.

So that would have taken 15 minutes, what do I do with the rest of the day? After thinking about it, these days usually come after heightened times of productivity, where you are working crazy times, days straight with no breaks.

Hence my current experience of dragging the chain. It may be a coping mechanism, a chance for the brain to breathe, relax, empty and prepare for another intense period. Whatever it is, I sometimes wish for consistency in time. Every day felt like the same length of time, so I could work around that, and avoid forgotten days that whizzed by, and rush through boring ones like today. I don’t think this is a battle I can win.

What do you do to cope through these days that never end?

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