Maturity- sometimes it never shows up

Maturity comes at all ages… sometimes to those that are young, not until others are old, and sometimes, it never turns up. I believe maturity is definitely something that your experiences develop. The more real world lessons you learn, the more mature your outlook becomes.

Things happen to people where they realise life is alot more than the bubble around them. It is family, friends, people you know and don’t know. Its cities, states, countries and universal situations that make up the foundation of who you are. Your beliefs, your thoughts, what you think you know, the lessons you are yet to learn. All of these things are influenced by others, but controlled and filtered by you.

Maturity is what you decide to learn from, to teach those around you, the lessons you decide to take on board, and the responsibility you take for your actions. How you handle all of these events determines your level of maturity.

Sometimes the way you handled a situation in school, is not the way you handle a situation in adult life. In fact, I would bet that you wouldn’t handle most things today, like a schoolgirl.

However, because we are all human and have different levels of maturity, and we all handle things differently. Because of this, we at times get frustrated with each other, we react to situations differently, and overall, we sometimes don’t see eye to eye on the way to handle life.

Life is complex, and all of our personalities are completely different. It’s what makes us love some and hate others, it’s what makes us outgrow friends, and crave an extension on these friendships. It is why some people have all older friends, whilst others hang out with a younger demographic. The people we surround ourselves with, are, whether we like it or not, assisting in our growth, and the person we are becoming every day.

You are who you are, solely based on the decisions you make. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice you change around certain people. The way you act with your family, is probably different to the way you are at work. Same as with your nieces and nephews, you wouldn’t act that way around your friends.

Knowing who you are, what your values and beliefs are will help you adjust your reactions to the different things life and other people throw at you. Sometimes we let it slip, and our maturity drops below normal, but that understanding of yourself, will help you get yourself back to normal.

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