There’s a baby in my belly….

I am 13 weeks pregnant… and SUPER EXCITED!!!

We’ve known since week 3, however I never really attached to the idea fully, until we were given that 12 week all clear.

Now I am going through a range of emotions, with most being super excited about this next stage.

Am I going to be a good mum? What will we name them? Will they be a sleeper? Public or Private schools? I wonder what their smile will look like.

So many thoughts, it’s crazy! In six months I will be the carer, along with Paul of another human being. I cannot wait to know how that feels.

I am lucky to have my husband next to me to experience all of this joy, as I know for some, it is a different situation.

I try to work out what I will do for maternity leave, which parts of the business I will keep going, how many hours do I put bubs in child care, how much money do we really need and so on and so forth.

My life in the past two years has been a whirlwind – and I am sure there are people out there who would be saying ‘she’s done it all so quickly, she should slow down’ etc… however for those who really know me, you know I have always done what feels right, and when I have found something that makes me happy, I don’t hold back.

In fact I think the brakes in the vehicle that is my life is broken.

Its not because I’m scared of getting older, or anything like that. Its purely because I am in love with an amazing man, we are both on the same page in life, and are extremely happy and supportive of each other. We have both worked hard to put ourselves in a good financial position, and we are both mentally ready for children. Simple as that.

I look forward to sharing with you the journey which will be this pregnancy, and I am super excited about the rest of my life.

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