FRAPING – why it may not be as funny as you may think

Today someone hacked into my friends facebook account and posted a status that she was 13 weeks pregnant. And it wasn’t written in a funny tone, or sarcastically. It was actually quite real.

The status got some people excited, and attracted a heap of comments congratulating her and her partner on the baby.

After trying to call my friend multiple times, she finally texted me that it wasn’t real. I was genuinely stoked for them.

This text came after I had gone through multiple different emotions. I was super excited, then sad that I had found out through facebook, not from my friends (one of whom walked me down the aisle).

I know some will say that this is a typical girl over-analyzing the situation, however you try being the family members who are friends with this girl, the close friends, who all questioned as to why they had to find this news out at the same time as the rest of the world.

It is a weird process your brain goes through from being excited to sad to disappointed in the person who thought the ‘fraping’ was funny.

Don’t get me wrong – I have seen funny statuses which are clearly people hacking into each others accounts, or using iphones whilst their friend isn’t looking. And it’s hilarious.

But there are subjects that should not be a hoax status. Things like being sick, getting married, and being pregnant are not funny. At all, especially when written in serious context.

Its not people like me who go through the emotions above, but what about the people who are genuinely happy for their facebook friend (that you may not be friends with); even though they are in their fourth year of trying to get pregnant, or worse still; just lost theirs. What about the people who are genuinely happy for their friend who just got engaged; even though they are going through a divorce or abusive relationship.

These subjects evoke such strong emotions in real supportive friends that making a mockery of them are just disrespectful to your friend (the one you just hacked).

Facebook is a great social networking tool, and is now part of everyday life, however what goes online, instantaneously effects hundreds of people, most of which you don’t know.

Its something you can delete, but not erase completely.



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