The moment I got married… Everyone should be able to do it

I constantly get asked what it’s like to be married, has anything changed?  At first thought, my answer would be no and then I would discover that in time, things do change.

You fall in some type of deeper love, you feel more secure, you hold each others hand and it feels a little different. You feel like you are actually in it together forever.

Individually, you feel more alert, more aware of your husbands feelings, more aware of how you spend your time. When you work late, you know that you would rather be at home next to them on the couch.

You feel like a team, one that is on the complete same page, and everyday is game day, not just a training session. You know what I mean? When I played soccer, I know I was way more committed on game day then in training. Game days I would put my all in, it was more fun, something you looked forward to every week.  Since being married, every day is game day, and its awesome.

There is this issue on gay marriage at the moment, and whether it should be legalised etc…. I never really had an opinion on it, however now I do.

If marriage is a partnership, or feels like a team sport, every sport has mens and womens teams, mixed and youth teams.  If you want to play soccer, there is a team out there for you somewhere.  Everybody loves the feeling they get on game day.

If people are in love with each other, they have the right to experience game day, everyday.

It is as easy to get divorced, as it is to get married, with most people now using a celebrant to get married, religion is no longer the key instrument in what recognises a marriage.

I understand that society doesn’t like change, and there are extremist views on all issues of society. But there are gay couples who have been together longer than heterosexual couples I know, and their love is clear to all to see.

 I never understood it, until the day I got married.

Everyone has the right to feel the way I feel about someone.

No matter who that someone is.

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