Ain’t no river wide enough

I have spoken in the past about materialism and possessions, and the boxes we call our homes.

I can’t imagine what the devastation feels like to have everything in the house you own destroyed. To have mud up your walls, a stench through the air that you may never get rid of.

I can only feel for those who have lost their homes through this disaster, and offer my hands to help with the clean up and rebuilding of your lives.

It’s here where we realise how important it is to have people in your lives. Whether its family, friends or complete strangers, the entire community of Queensland is pulling together to make this clean up easier and quicker than we could individually.

I walk the streets of communities, which were inundated with water earlier this week, now inundated with brown couches, televisions, carpet and fridges.   People’s possessions, the things they own, destroyed by Mother Nature. But the thing I have always believed is that people are not made up the things they own, but the way they see the world. Stripped bare of all they own, and humanity prevails. They smile because if they don’t they will cry, they laugh or they will breakdown.  They are strong on their own, but stronger with others around them.

In the past, I have sat on Mt Cootha at night, and looked at Brisbane as a whole, and smiled at how the lights shine the same in Logan as they do in Indooroopilly, how people have neighbours who share sugar, who put each other’s bins out when on holidays.

I’ve always believed there are more good people in the world than bad, and through this crisis, it has proven this belief to be true!

I love Brisbane. I have never wanted to live anywhere else. We are the 3rd largest city in this country, however we are the number 1 city when it comes to people.

Out of this crisis, there will be stories of bravery, of local heroes (the little tug that could), of tragedy and despair, and through all of these stories there will be one common thread – we are all Queenslanders.

From Rockhampton to Dalby, Toowoomba to the CBD – we are all proud of who we are and where we come from.

I am proud of Anna Bligh. Of our newsreaders whose faces have become so familiar over last few days.  Of my best friend in the SES.  Of my husband to be, with Energex. Of every person I do and don’t know.

You are what makes Queensland what it is, not the things we possess as individuals, but of who we are collectively. You are all amazing, and the air may smell, and your feet make stick to the road, but we will triumph, we will inspire, and most of all we will prevail bigger and better than we were before the river’s rampage.

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