Facebook friends – really?

You may know a lot of people, but how many are really friends?

It’s the days of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Media websites that show us how many ‘friends’ we have. I have 994 on Facebook.  I pretty much know them all, but there is no way they are all ‘friends’.

If something happened to me there is probably 5 people in my phone I could really call and that I would know would be there for me if I needed them.  5… That is 989 less than what Facebook says.

This week, I had a day where I needed someone to pick me up from the floor crying. I made one call, they didn’t answer, I then called the person who did come, and she carried me on her shoulder to her house, fed me chocolate, we watched Gossip Girl, and she tried, to intricately sew me back together again.

It hasn’t been til recently that I have realised its not weak to rely on friends, its wise. You cannot do everything all on your own, without support.

A book I’m currently reading refers back to the lyrics of the Beatles song – “With a little help from my friends”. It is soo true – with a little help, you can keep getting back up and moving forward. You can invest time into these people, and they will do the same back. Life just doesn’t seem so hard when you have real friends, ones you see face to face, you call and can talk about anything, or sit there saying nothing.

It’s sad that it has taken me this long to realise I don’t have to do it all on my own, but I’m glad I have as I could be 80, with no one there to help me get up, literally!

I was in Sydney the other weekend, and I visited my 97 year old great grandmother who has recently gone into hospital.  She is amazing.  I sat there and thought back to all the memories I had of her. She was the one person who was ALWAYS smiling, no matter the circumstances. She always knew how important it was to be positive about things. There was not one moment, that I can remember her face being anything but happy. She was grateful for all she had, for the people around her, for her family and friends.

It also brings me to the quote “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”.  I think you can choose to be friends with your family.  Soo many people believe that family is a right, that its forever and that they can treat family members however they like, because blood is permanent.  I don’t think this is necessarily correct. I think we should treat our family like they are friends, and work on the relationships to form something that you see in movies. No family is perfect, but it can be perfect to you. It can work with you, and around you, and a solid foundation is hard work, but definitely possible.

So in 14 days, I have changed my life around. I will be making more effort to spend time with the people I feel honoured to call my family and my friends. I will make sure that they know I will be here for them, for anything they need.  I will pick them up when they fall down, and they will do the same back.

Anything less than that, can I really call them friends?

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