A star of your own reality show…

I live on the top floor of a set of units. Tonight I stuck my head out the window and realised something. We, as a society choose to live in these boxes, whether it be a house or a unit, or a bedroom. And in these boxes we create life.

We put up pictures of the moments we smile, and memories of time that has passed. We hang our clothes in an organised order, or throw them around on our floors in an unorganised mess. There is or isn’t food in the fridge, but the food in the fridge is what we decide to put there. The money in our wallets we either worked for, it was given to us, or we stole it. The TV we turn on and choose to watch programmes which may or may not be based on the lives of characters being played out in their own box. We are so fascinated by the big big world, and the lives of others that we forget that we are playing a character in a film other people are watching.

Whether it’s the love of your life who sleeps next to you every night, the children you tuck into bed, or the family that drive past you every night as you sit on the verandah and contemplate life. These people are the live audience to your own reality show.

I know that I’ve touched on the importance of choices and the impact our decisions have on our lives, tonight I have seen it from a different perspective.

In a world made up of different sized boxes, it’s not the ‘material things’ inside them that matter most, it’s the characters who play out the script. The way in which they interact, the emotion shown each time they do converse, it’s the words they use, and the things they do by themselves that matter. Without these things these boxes, no matter the size are ultimately empty.

Think about it. If you are the last to leave the office… how empty does it feel, if you are the wife at home waiting for her husband to come home late from that office, how empty is the house. Without people these boxes we buy and sell, and stress every month about paying, are just boxes. Empty boxes. Today there is all this talk about interest rates rising, and banks having power and so forth. Soo many of us have bought outside our means, strived to own bigger and better boxes than the guy next to us.

We wrap our box up with the prettiest paper we could find at the shop, we fill it with expensive plasma tv’s and lounges (paid for by Visa) and invite our friends over for dinner, secretly hoping they will notice the new Mac computer you’ve strategically placed in the living room.

For a moment you feel that buzz… that warmth that only ‘humans together’ can create, and you feel somewhat successful and happy… then these people leave, and the box is cold. Now Im not saying living on your own is cold, and boring, in fact I would embrace it, however, living in a cold empty box with no memories, or moments displayed, to me would be freezing cold. We have one life, one opportunity to make all of our choices string together to create a masterpiece of a life we can call our own.

 These opportunities, these choices, these moments and memories should be treasured, they should be displayed and celebrated. For if a box had no one home, it may still have life as it is filled with memories and moments created by groups of people together at a past time… and that to me is why we have this box of four walls… whether it’s one room, a unit, a house, or city building. It’s what happens to the person inside these walls that fills it with a thing called ‘life’. Create your moments, remember your dreams, and fill your home with them… It’s something Visa can’t buy…

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