Students inspiring their teacher…

I have been teaching for a while now, not as long as others, but long enough to grasp an understanding of what makes students motivated.

It isnt a difficult one, its their teachers.  If I am not motivated and driven in my own life, and when I come to teach, then I take away small pieces of motivation from them. I wish this wasnt the case, as youll learn below, the only person who can motivate you, is well, you!

A good teacher knows their subject, has experience in their industry, continues to work in that field, and opens doors for the students who are hungry to get the experience in these fields. You cannot box students into one category. They are all individual and different. They are amazing with limitless possibilities in front of them. I am a facilitator in their journey to follow their dreams. Im here to assist and guide, they need to put the work in, and if they are motivated, they will do what is required. They want it more than anything in the world, that is why they come to class.

I believe in the most effective way to learn is through interaction, making things fun, and sugar…

My students inspire me. Their passion for chasing dreams, and making something of themselves is incredible. Half of them have travelled from around the globe to study here in my home country, and I have the chance to help them get where they want to go. How is there any greater responsibility than that?

There are teachers that I admire, who work after many years with the same enthusiasm as they did when they first started. These teachers are passionate about what they do, and are obviously doing what they were born to do.

I have always looked at every person I meet, as an opportunity to learn something new. Good or bad, everyone knows something you dont know.  Life is about learning as much as you can in the short amount of time we have, and not just learning it, but loving it. Doing the things we love to do, to me, is the reason we get out of bed. Otherwise what is the point?

Do you have Mondayitis? Do you hate the fact Sunday is nearly over because you have to go back to work? To do the same thing you have been doing for the last ten years? Do you feel stuck? Was your last Facebook status… Im bored?

If any of the above is you, you are losing or have lost motivation for life. You have lost the ability to find ways to learn new things. You cannot wait for your partner, mother, boss or children to teach you something new, to entertain you. You cannot learn if you dont want to learn, and you will find boredom in any entertainment if you arent looking for it yourself.

If you have a mortgage, a child, and are working just to pay the bills, then maybe you feel you have to stay at your stable boring job to keep the money coming in. This does not excuse the fact that for the other 14 hours of the day you have the chance to do something exciting, something life changing and invigorating. Take your kids with you on the journey, whatever it is, but do something to keep you motivated. Its when we get into routine, and come home depressed from work, and sit down with our microwave meal, and watch tv until we fall asleep, that we fall into what most of society call ‘normal life’.

The only one who can make you happy, is you… no matter what the lyrics of that sad song you have on repeat says.

My students dont motivate me, they inspire me because I choose to see their potential, their drive, their enthusiasm. If I could give them any advice it would be to keep that drive through it all… Through each and every moment of their lives, no matter what anyone else says or does… If you want it, ultimately its your responsibility, and hunger to fulfil your dreams makes humans succeed far more times then failing.

You always have the chance to learn, so keep looking for these chances.

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