Restaurant Review: The Purple Olive, Brisbane

I stepped out on a hunt for an amazing Italian Stallion, I mean, meal and my journey led me to the James Street strip of Restaurants and shops.

The Purple Olive stood between a myriad of Indian and Thai food restaurants.

The atmosphere made your hair stand on its end, and it felt like someone started to tickle you…

You wanted a table in there, whether you had to wait or not. Your tongue wanted the sensations the body was currently receiving.

I wanted to scream “FEED ME” and not because I was hungry but because I desired to be satisfied…

Sound a little risque? Italian stallions, I mean, food will do that to you.

We got a seat outside, it was a little cold, and the heater was inside for some reason. But my need for their menu, outweighed my want for warmth. The staff had enough heat to keep me comfortable at this stage.

So I ordered an ‘unusual-for-me-but-usual-to-normal-people” chicken dish. My companion chose the ‘Special’ mushroom risotto.

As we awaited for the plated ‘amazingness’, the beer and coke flowed freely.  We laughed, and ‘people watched’, conversed about relevant and irrelevant topics.

I then got curious. Why is that waiter stamping something on that couples table? I was soo intrigues, my mind (as usual, taking a tangent) forgot about the food and wanted to know what the ink on table 22 said… TELL ME!!

Bell rings and my brain snaps back to food… Oh My God its our plated ‘amazingness’.

The poached pear salad made my taste buds explode, the potato made my heart melt, the jus brought tears to my eyes, and the chicken took me on a journey to some Italian Aunty that I dont have’s house that I may have been at when I was a kid.

For fifteen minutes, I experienced what Italian children must have grown up with, and I was jealous. Italian cooked by Italians cannot be beaten.

I left satisfied and ready for bed… although it felt like I just came from there.

The Purple Olive

79 James St
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
(07) 3254 0097

PS You have to go if you want to know what the stamp said, trust me it changes your life.

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