Women and why you should be careful…

I play Men’s soccer. My reasoning: I hate playing with girls.

Now this statement comes because when I play mixed, I get frustrated at the women who cop the ball in the face, yell at the guy who kicked it, and hold up the game for five minutes.  I understand that it hurts, but it’s nobodies fault, its part of the game.  After 18 years of playing the beautiful game, I finally said ‘enough is enough’.

Ill play outdoor with an all girls team in a competitive grade, but I cant play mixed indoor, or even all girls indoor for that matter.  Yes I applaude everyone for being active, and giving it a go, plus team work is always important. But its hard for me to play the sport uncompetitively.  Guess after nearly two decades its hard to drive that out of me.

This leads me to the subject of girls who have more guy friends then girl friends.  Put your hands up if youre one of them.  Mine is stretched up high in the air.  Geezus I have two bridesmen and one bridesmaid.

I was never really sure why I got on with boys better than girls… thought it might be because of soccer, or because I was surrounded by sisters and women in our family.

I found girls couldnt be trusted, they backstabbed each other, gossiped to each other, swapping secrets, and laughing at the girls walking past them.  I never made strong connections with women.  It was never worth the risk.

Now Im 24, 8 years out of high school and not much has changed.  A heap of girls are still the same, treating each other the same way they did back in the classroom.

I dont love Sex and the City. I like very few of the conversations, especially ones in which Miranda is involved in.  Its not all about sex, or fashion, or men. They seem to be the most inspiring dialogue to come from this hit series and movie franchise. I saw the last movie. It was shit.  The one thing I can remember from the whole thing was the conversation Charlotte and Miranda had at the Private Bar about kids and not handling the role of motherhood. It was real.

Women love shoes, and bags, and makeup.  But why? The real reason why?  Women I ask… answer ‘because they are pretty’, ‘I grew up with it’, ‘it makes me feel good’. 

Why does it make you feel good? 

I dont care about all of this stuff, and whether you do or dont wear makeup, what I really care about is, how you feel? with makeup? without makeup? not just how, but why?

How do the girls in your life make you feel about yourself? why?

Do you have girls in your life that make you feel good about yourself? Or girls who drain you of everything you have?

I used to have both.

Its hard when you’ve built a friendship on decades of conversations, shopping trips, sleepovers and chocolate, but how many times did you leave them tired, drained and almost in tears… is that real friendship?

To me, life is meant to be shared with people who make you happy, that you love.  Not with your back to wall worried someone will put a knife through your left shoulder.

I believe in strong friendships, but they are not all like the friendships you see in the movies.

Real friendships have mutual respect, they make you feel good about yourself, you put in as much as they do, you share stories, experiences, and you enjoy spending time with them, never wanting to leave…

Having a girlfriend, is just like having a boyfriend, but without the sex…

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