The Art of Looking Busy

Got a co-worker who constantly seems busy but nothing actually ever gets done?

It’s not easy to do nothing whilst looking like you are doing everything… in fact its one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to try and do.

There are jobs where you have no choice but to waste time. for instance, I wrote this blog standing at the counter of a store that has noone in it.

The stock is all hung, perfectly merchandised in size order screaming for someone to put it all out of order just so Id have something to do.  I swept than vacuumed just so I’d have something to do.

It’s not an issue of being overstaffed, I’m the only one here. It’s why I came to this conclusion: looking busy makes you more tired than actually being busy.

When I look back on everything, I realised when im booked out for 26 days straight I have more energy than when I have 5 days off.

I love ‘to do’ lists because it means just that: things to do.

I struggle to understand how people can spend their lives looking busy, but achieving nothing.

Not onlt must they be bored out of their brains, they let other people down. Im referring back to the paper pusher in the office. Whilst they make everyone think they are busy for a certain period of time, their lack of results catches up to them eventually. if they actually dont have anything to do, why dont they ask management if there is anything else they can do?

is it because they think they will have to do their work and then work others can’t do and that its not fair? What happened to looking at it positively and as a chance to showcase what you can do and what skills they have? Would this not set them up for future promotions or opportunities or in the current financial state, save their job?

The problem to getting used to looking busy is it becomes habit and as all habits its hard to break. This is where laziness takes over, and for majority of people, laziness means less opportunities, carelessness and loss of drive to achieve things.

Laziness in the workplace then travels over to other aspects of life like relationships, health, and home. People become complacent and just go through life living each day by routine and with a lack of joy.

As the BCF ad states; ‘that ain’t living Jeff’….’

“If you are always saying you are busy, you’ll never have time”.

This is a quote I love. I have stopped saying Im busy and I just get on with my day, crossing things off my to do list as I go.

I am always trying to do something, in fact most of the people in my life think I’m crazy because Im always doing something. Whether it be work, or a challenge I set myself personally, playing sport or at coffee. Yeah maybe to people I am constantly busy, but Im never too busy for them. Thats what i want them to know – Im never too busy to catch up,

I guess the point of this blog is to understand the true meaning of busy, and that if you are having to constantly make yourself ‘look busy’ just to waste time, and you never feel challenged, maybe you should take a look at the role and whether you are happy wasting your life, even if they are paying you to do so…

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