You’ll never know it all…

In the past two weeks I have started working a few hours for Flipside Circus, a kids circus training centre.  Do you know there is an industry on circuses in Australia with Councils and grants, touring performances and much more. I dont mean those crazy circuses from overseas, real Australian kids doing real mind blowing circus tricks. I love it.  I love being exposed and learning about industries I never previously had any relationship with.

Then today I had a facepainting workshop… went with my mother, and as much as I have been around the fairies, magic and painting for the past few years, I didnt realise Mums hobby had actually grown into a full  blown passion of other women who travelled as far as the coast to attend a small gathering where they learnt how to use one stroke paint and construct fishes, roses, dragons and more… I painted a fruit salad on my arm… very random.

But all of these recent experiences got me thinking.  By saying yes to things you arent 100%  sure off can pay off, ten fold.

For instance taking on extra work on top of all I do now had me hesitant, BUT I have become appreciative of the arts in Australia, I am still learning how it helps the development of children and adults alike, but the pure joy in their faces has to be from something.  It has helped me build my network of contacts, Ive booked the team for the upcoming Morningside Festival, and my eyes are continually widening every week.

Then with the facepainting lesson today.  It proved to me what Ive always preached… Its never too old to do and be who you were always meant to be.  Believe in something, be passionate about it, no matter what it is.  Because one day it will change your life. You will wake up with a purpose, you will wake up and get through the day with something to look forward to.

So as usual, I will continually be on the hunt for the experiences and lessons life has for me, in all these secret corners of the world… and Ill be hesitant but I know sometimes the experience is worth getting out of bed on a cold winters morning…

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