Nicknames and how they determine your coolness

Have you ever had a nickname?  Always wanted one?  Why do some nicknames stick, and others don’t?  How did you get one in the first place?

The timeline of my life can pretty much be tracked by nicknames…

When I was born my nickname was Dopey, yes Dopey from the seven dwarfs.  I don’t know whether it’s because I slept a lot or looked like my namesake, I am hoping it was the former.

Dopey was a name I never remember being called, but when you read through my baby book, it’s there forever, etched in ink, only haunting me through the paper that continues to follow me house to house.

The first nickname I can remember receiving was from my Year Three teacher, Mr Anderson… It was BP (Becky Pacher)… when asked why he referred to me by my initials… it was ‘BP…on the move”.  Referencing the petrol company, it was due to my inability to sit still.  Very creative I thought at the time, not that I spent much time thinking about it, my mind was going a hundred million miles an hour.

In year six, I had names such as Rocket (I used to be able to run at some pace), Snapper (because of my ability to snap the boys when playing soccer as well as my high forehead causing me to look like the fish) and Melonhead (I have a high forehead) and this nickname extended to ‘Peeling Melon” when I got sunburnt J haha yes I still laugh to this day.

The next nickname I can remember was Beckstar.  I was given it in my first year of playing Premier League Soccer.  It made me feel pretty important, they even embroided the name on my shirts!

With none of the abovementioned names sticking, I entered High School, nicknameless and my already shortened name, Becky became Bec.  I don’t know whether this name is more grown up, or people just got lazy, but I guess this was the most logical name that was going to stay around for life J

I went through the next 10 years as Bec… simple, easy to remember, Bec.  I was fine with that, sometimes thinking I’d be cooler if I just had a nickname.  The boys all had names like Huckey, and Brownie, Cruiser and Carty… Come to think of it, maybe nicknames are predominately a male thing?

Anyway I was Bec until I got to ireckon where everyone but John has a nickname… I think he feels left out!

Have a guess what mine is…


Maybe I got my cool name after all

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