Could you go a year without drinking?

Imagine not touching alcohol for an entire twelve months, could you do it? There are alot of people who I have come in contact with recently who couldn’t. My guess is that most of society couldn’t.

Alcohol is such a big part of the Australian culture, and the recent Australia Day celebrations proved this. There is a pub on every corner, when we catch up with friends its usually for a drink, or at least a drink with dinner! Alcohol is everywhere, everyday and no one thinks twice about it.

Christmas Day was the last day I drank. I am lucky enough to say I have never had a hangover, however I am not a regular drinker, and when I do drink I give it a fair effort. I have been involved with women in different projects throughout the years, and the amount women drink and our behaviour when we do has gotten increasingly worse. We lose control over our bodies, we lose control of our choices. Soo many girls wake up the next day regretting things they would never had done if they weren’t plastered. Not only is it decisions we make when drinking that we may regret, a high percentage of domestic violence and sexual assaults occur when both the male and female are intoxicated.

Due to the lack of control, women don’t always know what is best for them and make choices that can put them in danger. Now I have nothing against drinking. I love having a drink or two with friends, it’s the “falling over in the gutter, barefoot” trashed that I don’t get. How can anyone, male or female let themselves get that drunk that they have no control over what they are doing? People tell me “but I had fun”, which I then follow up with, “Do you even remember the night?” A lot of the time they don’t. Tell me how it is worth the money, or the hangover, to get that drunk you don’t actually remember the ‘fun’ you supposedly had? It’s not.

I made a choice randomly one day that I would go a year without drinking. It was an easy decision to make, and I wasn’t 100% clear on why I decided to do it but I knew that I wanted it to be public, and I wanted girls to see you could have a great night out without drinking yourself stupid, literally.

Not only do you wake up feeling great, you don’t spend the night in the bathroom, your mascara stays on your eyes, not all over your cheeks, you get home safer, it’s cheaper, you remember the memories, and you gain a lot more respect from guys. Don’t girls spend hours getting ready to look good, don’t they go out to spend time with friends, don’t they want to get home safe, save money, and make memories that will last forever? Why does it not make sense then to drink responsibly? This is the question I want to find answers to. Why do you think girls drink soo much? Why do you drink?

A large percentage of emergency calls made are because of an incident caused directly by alcohol. A large percentage of relationships failing is caused by alcohol abuse. Alcohol can be fun, we all know this, but we all think we are untouchable from the negative side of drinking. Until something happens, people won’t change. But you can make a change simply by thinking of the things you do, asking questions as to why, and gaining an understanding of the consequences that come with certain decisions you make.

We grow up as kids constantly wanting to have control over our lives, why as young adults do we spend our weekends trying to lose it?

Here’s cheers to my first month without a drink, just eleven to go!

2 thoughts on “Could you go a year without drinking?

  1. Hi:

    I’m 25 days from reaching the goal of staying a year without drinking a single drop of alcohol!

    Check my blog about it. Will publish a book soon about the experience. It’s in Sapnish, sorry for that.

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