Australia Day spent with cockroaches

It was 32 degrees, a typical Summer Day… perfect Australian heat for a fantastic celebration at the Story Bridge Hotel.

It was the 29th Annual Cockroach Races.  Keen racegoers came in packs of green and gold, draped in the flag and its colours.  Today, it was our country that would unite us all.  The birthday of our Great Nation.


There were 14 Cockroach races throughout the day, the judging of the Miss Cocky competition, and the Best Dressed Stable!  Jabba played covers of some of Australia’s most iconic rock songs, and the ever patriotic patrons drank VB and Bundy Rum with their group of mates, soaking up the sun and the atmosphere.

Raising money for Variety, the Story Bridge Hotel have become known for their Oz Day Celebrations and its festive antics such as the dunking machine and corporate boxes.

The cockroach races provided the main entertainment for the day, and with names such as Ricky Cocking, and Well Hung, how could it not?

Each race started with the Irish Marching Band, before the cockys were released to run for their owners with the top three gaining places and prizes.

The winner of Miss Cocky 2010, Arnika was crowned on the main stage after beating 18 others to the throne.  The judges had a tough time culling the first heat down to 8, before having to choose the top three.  The crowd favourite, Number 1 was overturned by the judges, giving the Miss Cocky Sash to the much deserving Arnika.

The Best Dressed stable had 8 entries, with the top three easy to choose. There was the Beer O’Clock trio, the Convicts and the Oz Map Girls… and with controversy, the Beer O’Clock trio took out the main prize.  The crowd favourite from the Miss Cocky competition, managed to win herself something with her and her friends taking out the $2000 Story Bridge Hotel Party Voucher!

It was a day which displayed the spirit of Australia, the beliefs and values that make each of us unique, and united.

If I had to choose a place to celebrate next years Australia Day, the Story Bridge Hotel is where I would be!

Check out all the pics and video at

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