The things that shaped 2009

2009 was a year where I grew older (obviously), grew wiser, fell in love, made friends, lost friends, and made decisions that would change the course of my life forever 😉

2009 was a big year for me on the secrets front. I told an entire side of my family that I existed… that for 23 years they have had a daughter, sister or cousin that noone was allowed to know about. I never expected happy families from this decision, and as the secrets unravelled and the truth unfolded, the weight on my shoulders seemed to get lighter and lighter (however my annual fitting in that department would disagree). I was no longer a secret to anyone.

With this new found sense of freedom and identity, I set off on finding out what I liked about the world, and what I wanted to achieve wih the days Im given. This journey continues to this day.

The past 12 months have included a job I loved with a boss I hated, sparatical hospital visits, new cars (the jeep ), old cars (my lil accent), friends for life, and a boy I never dreamt of.

I take this opportunity to say a few words to the people who helped shape this past year into such a memorable one, and who help me be the person I am today.

WIGGY – We started the year drunk at The Story Bridge Hotel, we ended the year with a cheeseburger and milkshake. For the last decade you have been the closest thing to me, and the person who really is the better half of me. If after everything we have put each other through, and een through together we can still wake up and pick up the phone to each other, than I think we have a few decades ahead of us with cheeseburgers and jim beam to enjoy! I love you x

DAN – Our business continues to grow and so does our friendship. I want to thankyou for everything you have done for me over the past 6 years and I look forward to making this shit work, and enjoying the rewards at the end of all the hard yards! “Every laugh and every tear, will make our lives grow year after year”

KATE – Kate I met you at the start of the year, running onto the field headband in hand. I guess you found it at the last minute, after throwing everything you own around the entire dressing room. You are like no other person in this entire world. You live life through words and on your own timeline. You wander from place to place, learning from face to face. Meeting you and doing the Our Women Our State trip with you has changed my life. It will never be the same again. If for nothing else I lived this 12 months to share the experience we had in November, it would still have been the year of my life. x

MATT – You taught me soo much about family and how to slow my life down. Knowing you has introduced me to things I can now say are a part of my life. I hope that 2010 brings you great things, and that the lessons you learnt from me can change your life for the better and you can smile and be proud of everything you achieve! The hard work is always worth it, success or failure!

JAMES – You came back to Brisbane in April and we caught up at Toscanis after too many years apart! From the moment we caught up again, we became ridiculously inseperable. I think the world of you. Your values, your opinions, your respect for those close to you. I selfishly dont want you to go back overseas, but I really want you to do what you need to do to follow your dreams, because I see soo much in you, I just want you to make it to wherever you want to go… just as much as you do! I hope 2010 brings the answers you are searching for, and that you stay a part of my life somehow!

HURF – We have known each other for a few years now, and I think what really annoys me about you is how much you understand me. Not many people get me like you do. I cant bullshit with you, I cant pretend Im happy when Im sad… because you know me for every flaw I have, for every stupid drunken rant I go on… you just know the real me at the end of it all… I enjoy having you in my life, even if you coached the team that thrashed us in the finals!

JESS & SIMMO – You guys are my peeps. You are my “come over for a dinner party” couple. I love you guys to bits and I can believe we’ve all been around each other for the past six years! Crazy!! I loved that I saw you guys fall in love and buy a house, then get married, and now having a baby. I feel soo priviledged to be a part of your lives, I just hope you know how much. We all know what 2010 has in store for you and Im soo bloody excited!!

LANA JAYDE – I may have lost something this year we both have in common, but I tell you what I gained meeting you. Your innocence and love for life makes me feel like Im 18! I feel lighter when I talk to you, and that we will make each other laugh and support each other through a lot of experiences over the next year! Im soo excited! I love your face!!

RACHIE – After going through as much as you have this year, I feel a sense of responsibility for how you feel, or a sense of closeness with you that as sisters, we have never had before. Im soo excited to share the birth of your second squishee with you, and the fact that I can be not only a great Aunty (cos Im the best) but a sister you deserve aswell. YOU and ME have been through unspeakable amounts of shit in our lives, and still manage to stay alive. So I hope I have the strength to stand with you when you need it, even though youre the strongest womanI know 🙂 xoxo

SHARNS – This year has been a crazy one for you young one. Having you in my life has been expensive, but also rewarding. As your sister I only ever want the best for you, and will give you everything I have to help you get to be who you want to be. You have an amazing boyfriend, and an amazing head on your shoulders. I just hope in 2010 you let yourself use it and make a life for yourself!

KARLY – We have been a bit up and down this year, and our relationship I think has grown with the rollercoaster of 2009. Seeing you grow up to be the woman you are becoming makes me very proud. I learn from you even if you are younger than me, and know that you will make the most of what life has to give you, I just want you to smile and laugh along with it… It makes it soo much better!! xoxo

MUM – I cant put in words what 2009 has done for us apart from the fact that I have more of a repect for you, and that when I push you a little bit you come good, and are there for me when I really need. I will always love you xoxo

KEIRSTYN – Meeting you made me feel less alone than ever! Finally a girl my age with a head on her shoulders, who had a respect and grasp for life and knowledge as I did. I have no doubt that you and I will stay in touch fir years to come and I am soo excited to see you and brad start your own family and for you to teach your kids everything you have taught me about the world and life itself! Love you xoxo

PAUL – Recently you have come in to my life, and blown me away. My days are different to any days before you. I feel more beautiful, I feel completely supported, I feel safe, and free all at the same time. I have this innate sense of purpose, this belonging to something bigger than just me. I am soo excited about 2010 and every year after that. You’ve changed my life, my train of thought. You make me want to be a better person. Every day is brighter than sunshine xoxo

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