My Personal Journey – part one

My Personal Journey


I came on the Our women Our State project for a more personal journey than a business one.

I wanted to hear stories from women who needed to be heard, I wanted to know what drives them, what inspires their everyday choices.  Through their stories, I would begin to write my own… taking something from each of them that would change my life forever.

This is what I learnt.


LOLA – I met Lola in Toowoomba.  Her eyes were full ofm wisdom, of pain, love and humour.  This lady had a hell of a life, and wanted to share it.

From Lola’s story I learnt that hardwork was the only way to true success and that success can only be defined by our own beliefs. Be honest with yourself, and do everything you can to be the best version of you.

BROOKE – Brooke owned a boutique I fell in love with. After meeting her, I fell in love with the mind behing Smoke and Mirrors.  For me Brooke was the ultimate definition of style.  She had confidence, humour, business skills and dreams you knew she would make come true.

TIFFANY – Tiffany is a young girl in a male dominated profession.  I learnt that

NANCY – Nancy made true the fact that hardwork and passion can be better than a piece of paper.  Never studying Journalism, she worked as a correspondent for the Dalby Times and evengtually gained a more successful role as a Part Time Journo.

Coming to Dalby only on a holiday, however never returning home taught me to go with the flow, and expect plans to change and let them do so with an open mind.

MARY – Meeting Mary had a big impact on me.  As a female publican for 57 years, she has become a QLD icon inb her own right. Doing something you are passionate about and committing to the decision youn make was the biggest lesson I took on board.

CAROLYN COLLINS – I’ve always had the goal of learning as much as I can from the people around me, and Carolyn reassured me that Education and Love are the most important things for a woman to have and do.

LARA COUGHLIN – I’ve never travelled overseas, there has always been a want, but I have felt a definite need as yet.

Lara has been travelling for the past 10 years, and talking to her has taught me soo much about letting go, being free and doing whatever it is you want to do. The issue of ‘letting go’ was in the way of slowing my thought process down and enjoying the moment Im in , rather than always thinking about everything at once. I’ve always and will always be an optimistic person, so my million miles an hour brain was always good thoughts, its just needs to put the brakes on and calm down.Im always tired which Im starting to put down to how active my thoughts process is.

ANITA – Working in the fashion industry has meant that I have learnt bad habits, that I had never had before like judging a book my its cover.  Anita is an amazing woman who has had a hard life physically but reflects her learnings onto others who have disabilities.

With an amazing heart, Anita is humble, loving and is content with where her life is going. This forced me to ask the question, am I?

MANDY – Mandy taught me to believe in love and to 100% let it happen. By holding back or protecting yourself from getting hurt means in the long run you hurt yourself more by denying yourself the greatest thing life has to give.

ANNE MAREE PHIPPS – Anne Maree taught me that being independant is okay, believing in yourself and your abilities, especially as a female is important.  Self – empowerment and reassurance is the only acknowledgement that counts, and leads to success.

GAYE – Gaye attended the same high school as me, and has been married for 27 years.  Her and Max have been travelling for 4 years.

This form of relationship touched on what I had learnt previously from Mandy about love.  Love isn’t easy, it takes work and occasionally will hurt. But by being honest with who you are and what makes you happy means you will never be let down because you will know why something isn’t working and how to change it.

MARGARET – Margaret is another lesson in being behind the wheel of your own life and committing to decisions but allowing change when your path may come to an end.  Turns, detours and new roads are part of life. Don’t fight it!

PENNY – Penny is a year younger than me and it was great to meet a young girl who wasn’t scared of work and learning new things.  Penny is aware of her surroundings and seems to cherish close friendships.  I wish that some of Penny’s values were part of the girls from the city.

FELICITY – Felicity looked and was content with life.  She was comfortable in her skin and seemed to appreciate every experience she had.  She was not controlling she seemed open to compromise and loved who she was and her heritage. I know longer want to wear a watch.

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