Queensland Road Trip – Day One Toowoomba

051109 005aToday was the first day of our epic road trip around Queensland for the Our Women, Our State project.

Kate and I held three interviews (147 to go if counting…).  Our first with Lola (left) who is retired and has had an amazing yet hard life.  Her stories inspire me and I could talk to her for hours, learning from her life experiences and being able to take her lessons and apply them to my own life.

We also interviewed Brooke, owner of new boutique, Smoke & Mirrors.  Meeting business savvy women always makes me feel motivated as their enthusiasm to succeed drives me to be the best person I can be.

Lastly we spoke to Tiffany, a barber about what its like cutting Mens hair all day and the types of conversations she had with them… yes, Weather, Cars and Music topped the list of intimate subject matters her clients spoke about… alot different then the conversations I have with my hairdresser.

It was a successful day to the start of the journey, and soo much has been gained already, I can only imagine what lies ahead of us…

I have to give thanks to Julieanne in Toowoomba for her hospitality and amazing Grannie Cookies… I have never eaten anything so delicious in my life!

Also to Credit Card Finder http://www.creditcardfinder.com for making this whole trip happen… we hope this experience helps you as much as it is us!

Lesson of the day:  from Brooke – “aim to be extraordinary, never ordinary”

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