When being connected really means being DISCONNECTED

MR Euristocrats Aug09_Page_1Today I learnt alot about what I do and don’t want when it comes to the opposite sex, dating and relationships. I know you are thinking, here goes another fussy woman expecting the world from every guy she comes across, but its actually the complete opposite. My experience with the mere males of our society is quiete favourable. Most of them are genuinely nice, considerate and entertaining. I have no negative comments that wouldnt relate to both sexes. I am far from a feminist, in fact I AGREE. I think women expect the world from men, instead of creating their own world in which they thrive as their own person. I believe relationships are important and have played a big role in the person I have become. One thing I have come to realise is how DISCONNECTED we have become. Twitter, facebook, text messages, emails. All tools to stay connected, however we have never been so disconnected as we are today. When on a date, having your phone on the table, continually beeping, and having the ordacity to reply to each ‘important’ email is inappropriate. In fact its not even just on a date. Lunch with friends, a business meeting, dinner with the family. Any situation where face to face contact is required is a place where the phone should be switched off or on silent. As humans we are meant to interact with each other. Touch is such an important yet forgotten sense we have left on the shelf for too long. Keeping ‘in touch’ is not the same as physically shaking a hand, or getting a hug. Do you remember how good touch actually is? I have, in the past been a person who at times has gotten caught up in the fake world online. Or constantly checking my phone for messages and missed calls. However I have always refused to buy a phone that would do it all. Emails have a place, and thats on my computer at the office. Not for 9pm when Im having drinks with friends. I have taken a step back and decided that I miss TOUCH. I miss hugs from my nephew, cuddling up to someone while watching a movie, getting my hair played with, shaking hands with like minded business people. I miss the real world, and have learned that staying ‘in touch’ is important, but I need to make time in my “I have no time” schedule to be around the people who make my life worth it.

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